Blood Tests
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Our GPs can provide over 1,300 different blood tests in clinic. These simple tests can reveal a lot about your health and wellbeing and can help to diagnose any underlying diseases and conditions. Some of the blood tests we offer are currently not available within the NHS.

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Routine Blood Tests

A vaccine, also known as a vaccination or immunisation, is a substance which makes the body produce antibodies against a certain illness or disease. Antibodies use our immune system to protect us from contracting an illness.

Our routine blood tests include an anaemia screen, immune function check, kidney function, liver function, lipid profile and thyroid testing. Take a look at a few examples of the tests we offer below.

Our Services
Our Services

Specialised Tests

We have a range of tests to help diagnose diseases or help assess the overall state of your health. Our GPs will be able to advise the best test to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

If you have done some research and know which test you want, we can arrange that for you. Take a look at a few examples of the tests we offer below.