Hereditary Genetic Testing
from £375

The St Andrews Private GP Clinic is delighted to announce that it is now offering hereditary genetic testing in conjunction with Innergene.

Our easy-to-use saliva-based tests are used mainly by Consultant Clinicians for the medical and surgical management of patients with a confirmed cancer diagnosis. Laboratory turnaround times are usually 2-3 weeks.

Blood-based testing is also available and can sometimes be required.

The tests can help individuals to understand their hereditary genetic profiles so that they can talk with their doctors and healthcare professionals about:

  • whether cancer screening should start earlier;
  • proactive actions about conditions that run in a family;
  • if lifestyle changes – or more – are advisable for certain heart conditions;
  • primary and secondary care medical treatment and reviews;
  • and vital information about planning a pregnancy, such as whether a genetic condition (often unknown) could be passed onto a baby.

Prices start at £375 and full geneticist counselling can be provided where required.

To book a test email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.