Private GP Consultations

Choose from a GP appointment at one of our local clinics or book a video appointment and see a Doctor online in minutes.

From time to time we all need to see our GP. When you do, we're on hand to offer an appointment at a time to suit you. You will see an experienced local GP, who will assist you with all of your healthcare needs.

If this is the first time you have considered using a private GP service, you may be wondering who we are and what we can do for you? Maybe there is a long waiting list at your surgery and you are struggling to find an appointment that fits around your work? Perhaps you feel unwell, have a chronic condition you need help with, require medication, or want us to check a lump? If so, we could offer a convenient alternative sometimes, or every time.

Just like your usual GP we can advise, examine, investigate, and prescribe the appropriate treatment. If required, we will arrange investigations or tests and can refer you to a Specialist Consultant. We also offer a wide range of medical services, vaccinations, screening investigations and specialist lifestyle support to help you and your family stay healthy.

GP in-clinic

Book and see a local GP at a time convenient for you.

We believe that at the heart of General Practice, is family Medicine and the relationship between you and your Doctor. If you choose a face-to-face appointment, you will see an experienced GP who is familiar with your local area. We only work with small groups of Doctors in each of our local clinics, giving you continuity of care and a personal service.

We also offer screening appointments lasting one hour, for an overall health check.

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Our Services
Our Services

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Jibran is able to facilitate the following investigations where appropriate following a face to face consultation-

Echocardiogram - £530
24 hr Holter - £375
48 Hr Holter - £425
72 Hr Holter - £475
7 day Holter - £600
14 day Holter - £700
Exercise stress test - £400
CT Coronary Angiogram - £880

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GP Telephone Consultation

You can also choose to have a GP telephone appointment. A telephone appointment is perfect if you'd like some simple advice, review an ongoing condition or follow-up with your GP after a recent appointment.

To book your appointment now, follow the link below

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Telephone Consultation
GP Video Consultation

GP Video Consultation

Online Doctor and prescription service, book and see a doctor online in minutes. Referral letters and sick notes available, prescriptions can be collected from any Pharmacy in the UK.

We understand that convenient and quick access to medical help is reassuring. Therefore, we offer secure video appointments for times when you are unable to see a local GP or can’t reach a clinic. Our Doctors can advise and treat you in the same way, with plans put in place if you need follow-up with an examination or test.

Book and see a GP in minutes using your camera on your smart phone, tablet or computer, then take the prescription code to the pharmacy of your choice in the UK.

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