Our vision and purpose is to provide high quality primary care services and to gradually expand and develop our scope. To this end Dr Graham and her co-Director, Brian Paterson had a strategic meeting earlier this year and have devised the following Practice Plan for The St Andrews Private GP Clinic 23/24.

1. To expand our clinical provision with the introduction of additional GPs and other specialists gradually over a 1-2 year period. This is driven by a need for earlier access to specialist and GP care as per frequent discussions in clinic with current patients and their carers. We are aware that certain specialties have particularly long waiting times in the NHS and we would aim to target those areas moving forward if possible.

2. To expand the current range of investigations in preventative areas e.g. early cancer detection.

3. To improve our laboratory services. Over the last year Royal Mail has let us down repeatedly and as Nationwide Pathology samples are sent to the lab by mail this has resulted in several episodes of delayed test results or need to repeat tests when samples have been lost. We would hope to source a more local laboratory with a pickup service.

4. To expand our video and telephone consultation service to respond to feedback from patients requiring out of hours access.

5. To develop stronger bonds with local pharmacies through personal introduction and regular communication. This will allow for greater access to pharmacy providers and hopefully improve access to vaccines etc.

6. To further promote our service to potential overseas visitors in the St Andrews area by sending promotional materials to hotels, Bed and Breakfast facilities etc.

7. To promote our services within the university community via an annual article in The Saint magazine and online (accessed by all students and staff).

8. To continue to develop and improve our website with regular pop up information detailing any changes.

9. To improve the financial performance and add value to the business.

10. To grow our patient list

Dr K Graham 4/3/24